Saturday, 8 November 2008

When we were in Qatar, we were regulars at the Rydges Hotel. They had happy hour, aka free cocktails for the ladies on a Wednesday night. As it was a work night, we didn't get there as often as we would have liked. They also had a pool so for a fee, we could swim all day if we wanted. there was a gym, not that I went there. The bar and pool were up on the top floors of the hotel, out of the sight of the locals. The pool had to be cooled as it got too much like bath water as the summer progressed. 

Christchurch also has a Rydges Hotel. I took this photo as we wandered around town when the Qatar team were down, seemed appropriate as we were laughing about the visit where Keri had to carry me home, via McDonalds, because I had over indulged. It was the same night Lyn's husband Kerry had to extricate her, in a similar state to me, from a difficult conversation before she said too much. 

It was a bit of a walk to Rydges from Al Hitme, so we often arrived a bit hot and bothered. Nothing a couple of cold ones, a swim and good company couldn't fix. The walk home was usually much more interesting, well certainly louder than the trip there. 

The other photo is the Chalice in the square in Christchurch. It sits alongside the cathedral and I think it looks out of place. It is an awesome structure, especially with the sky as a back drop rather than tall buildings. 


teamcoultonoe said...

Hi Julie

I read your blog regularly and really enjoy it - the photos are amazing and I am part of some of the blog entries which is neat!!!

I hope you are well and not having to travel South too often now

Love Lyn

Jule's Short Story said...

Hi Lyn.

You just made my day. You certainly are part of my entries :)

No more south travel thankfully.

Talk soon.