Monday, 3 November 2008


What a wonderful response I had to my last post, some great emails and phone calls. So people don't leave comments, they still read, some twice a day, some a couple of times a week, some too lazy to leave a comment, some who don't feel the need and just enjoy for the sake of enjoying, some just love the photos. That's all good really. I am looking forward to having some time to add some more photos, not tonight as I need my beauty sleep. I have some long days coming up, heading south for work early tomorrow.

Today I asked for some time off to go and see my Aussie son, so hope to get to Brisbane soon. I haven't seen him for almost a year, too long for me. As soon as I can get the tickets booked and a few days free, I'm off. There is the added bonus of a brand new great nephew to get aquainted with and other family to catch up on. It will be good to catch up with Kier's partner, a lovely lass who just might keep my visit a secret so I can surprise the boy. There will be photos, I promise.

Tonight I helped a friend with a job interview, going through the possible questions over a vino at our local. I seem to be there quite often lately, usually with a different woman each time. The young man who served us promised he wouldn't judge. It's a good place to go, especially on live music nights, a bit like Cheers, a place where everyone knows your name.

As I sit at the computer tonight, out the window there are fireworks exploding in the neighbourhood and all over town. A bonus of hill living at this time of year is being able to see out over the city. I often sit on the deck, in the dark, with a quiet wine or two and watch the fireworks. A friend once told me that was a sad thing to do, I think it's OK enjoying others fun from a distance. Sometimes thats just what I feel like doing.


Anonymous said...

Before I had a blog myself, I never left comments on other peoples blogs. My friends and family are still resistant to leaving electronic graffiti, but they sometimes surprise me :-)

I set up my blog when my email list hit the 40 mark. The blog is great writing discipline, and a handy reference for new friends. However, I miss the personal contact of email

Jule's Short Story said...

I remember now, I didn't leave comments either. I didn't think I had any thing interesting to add.

I have the best of both worlds really, I get the personal contact though emails and calls plus have other enjoying my writing and photos.

I so agree, blog writing keeps me motivated to write, to exercise my brain, to keep in touch with more people, many of whom I haven't met yet.