Saturday, 1 November 2008

New shoes

Annie and I went on a mission today, a shopping mission with a difference. We both hate the malls and are fiscally challenged most of the time so an opportunity to buy pre loved designer clothes was too good to turn down. I went as support crew, not intending to buy. The best laid plans.

There is a charity here called Dress for Success and they help women get back into the workforce by providing them with clothes for interviews and for the first week or so. The sale was of the donated clothes surplus to requirements or not suitable for the purpose. The women running the charity were lovely and we had a few laughs parading the clothes, as women shopping do.

Annie found heaps of treasures, the best a red jacket with a faux fur collar, second a gold handbag. I found two items, both unworn, a jacket that looked heaps better on than off. A made in Italy jacket, patterned with greens and browns and shades of red, very chic. I also bought a white skirt, OK so I already have one or two of those, but this was a white skirt with lovely embroidery and sequins around the bottom, a swirly girly skirt. Best of all it fitted, unlike my long white skirt that needs a sturdy safety pin to hold it up.

But for me the bonus was the table of shoes, new and pre loved, mostly worn a time or two. The shoes were also made to go with the skirt. I managed to fit a green pair with rope wedge heels, a multicoloured pair and a black pair. All were new or almost, all were for summer and most importantly, all were cool.

We celebrated spending $110 on 12 items by walking in the park. We had coffee in the sun as we watched families going by, enjoying the sun with their kids. All in all a good mornings work.


Jule's Short Story said...

OK Julie, here's a Monday morning comment to show you someone cares about your blog! I check it out probably 2-3 times a week and enjoy a little insight into your daily doings, so keep it up! Plus of course I wanted to say how much I enjoyed the shopping trip with you on Saturday. A relaxed, fun way to fill the gaps in the wardrobe. Ironic though, how all the shoes seemed to be the right size for the person with umpteen dozen shoes already & none fitted your shoe-challenged friend!!

Jule's Short Story said...

Thats a comment from Annie who found it difficult to leave one.
Yes teh shoes, I can always find shoes but often have to find an outfit to match them :)