Monday, 10 November 2008

More Qatar photos

While we were working we had a strict dress code, long skirts and sleeves. The photo is of Shirley, Lyn, Keri and I outside Qatar Academy on one of our visits there. While we looked the part in these clothes, they did at times make it difficult for us to do our jobs. I tripped on my long skirt going up stairs and ripped the front of it. Luckily I didn't hurt myself, luckily no one saw and most luckily I had a stapler handy for a fast repair. Other times, working at the children's level was fraught, very undignified almost losing your skirt as you get up from a low chair.

The other photos, entirely unrelated, were taken at Losail the race track just north of Doha on the road to Al Khor. Kerry, Keri and I attended the MotoGP there, fantastic to watch the first night racing GP ever. It was very loud, petrol head heaven and there were plenty of thrills and spills as the riders got used to the lights and the coolness of the evening making the track difficult. The race track was packed on the final day of racing so I took a photo upwards to show this. See if you can spot Keri and Kerry (also known as boy Kerry and girl Keri).
There was a prayer tent out the back of the race track and we got to meet the local sheik's racing camels. They were beautiful, well groomed and decorated. Keri got a ride, I wasn't that brave. I did get to pat them and talk to their owner, a very gracious man who so willingly shared a part of his culture with us.

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