Thursday, 13 November 2008

It's a holiday

It's a holiday tomorrow, a day off for Canterbury Anniversary. There is heaps going on around town including the annual A&P show, also known as farmer's (and small children's) big day out; a weeks of racing carnival and of course the associated partying and fashion; and it's a time we get a house full.

This time it's the Aussies. They arrive tomorrow after touring around the south and west. Hopefully they will arrive with some fresh whitebait to refresh our dwindling stocks. I got some venison last weekend, big bro's favorite, to go on the barbie. I also stocked up on vino and beer. It's Muzz's birthday on Saturday so he will be celebrating with whanau, the best way to celebrate, although none of the kids will be here.

It's a year on Sunday since I first went to Qatar, amazing really. How time flies. 

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