Saturday, 8 November 2008

It's a dogs life

Had the pleasure of Sam's company today. He's getting on and enjoys just hanging out rather then the long walks we used to have together. I was sitting in the sun with Sam next to me reading, a good way to spend a Saturday. Well, that was after I had been out early with Tim and Sarah.

Muzz signed up with the work team for a local triathlon, just the cycling part. He woke up very unwell so had to withdraw. A solution, get Tim to race in his place. His team mate sounded doubtful wondering if Tim was up to the challenge, they were after all the A team. The rest of the team didn't know Tim so I went along as support crew to team him up with the others. 

I caught up with the other cyclist, pointed Tim out to him. His comment 'so he's a bit of a cyclist then'. I wish I could have got a photo of the look on his face. I casually commented that Tim was just back from competing overseas, yes he was up to it. Sarah and I followed the race, Tim finished well up as did the A team. Another in the team commented that Muzz would struggle to get a place in the team next year. Was Tim available by any chance? 

So after not getting my sleep in and having to tax my brain with voting, reading in the sun is all I am up to today. 

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