Monday, 11 April 2011

The rain in Al Ain

Ahh the smell of hot rain on a hot road, an earthy smell that defies description. One of my favorite smells as  it reminds me of hot summer childhood afternoons when it rained at about 3pm to relieve the heat of the day. Hot, fat rain to dance in. When no one was watching.

Well, tonight the heavens opened up in Al Ain. The rain is late this year, I wonder if it waited until my last week. You see, every time I go to leave the UAE it rains. I leave soon, this time for a long time. I heard the thunder, saw the flash in the sky and retired to the roof to watch the fun. Deidre, another storm chaser, was already there, enjoying. As we watched the humidity changed, the wind picked up, the dust was flying so we had to run for shelter. Then the clouds burst and the hot rain fell, big wet drops soaking us.

It was all very sudden from the noise to the rain. Great sheets poured from the sky, we hoped for floods and maybe an unworkable day tomorrow. The sirens began as we watched through the open window, driving conditions treacherous with this twice a year downpour. It's sticky now, hot and humid, 35 plus at 9.30pm. Through the open window I can hear the slosh of tyres in the puddles, the toots of horns from the main road. I'm so pleased to be in my safe house and not out and about.

I will sleep with my window open tonight listening to the novelty of rain, dusty hot rain washing the sand from the clouds. The hot wafting, muddy smell of hot rain on the hot road. Ahh I should sleep well tonight.


Mag said...

Well its good you enjoyed your evening, it was mini tsunami in al jimi area with the exhbition in zafrana market collapsed injuring nearly 30 people, Cars were floating in water and sign boards flying like a kite. It lasted less than 10 mins but that was like a disaster. Heard screams and people shouting even half an hour later.

Jule's Short Story said...

Oh no, we heard the sirens and thought it was the dangerous roads. That sounds terrible. The wind was so strong here we had to run to get off the roof so we didn't get blown away.

I'm always amazed here that within 5 minutes drive we can have such different weather, more severe. I hope those injured are okay, my thoughts are with them.

lynne and Brian said...

Typically I had just washed the car yesterday...not much rain here in Abu Dhabi - just enough to ruin that sparkle with splotty marks.
Enjoying your stories Julie. I have posted a couple recently myself - one on Jordan and another on the wonderful Womad.

Jule's Short Story said...

lol, yes there were many spotty cars around today. Thank goodness I'm in a rental so won't have to clean mine! will check out your stories, photos too I hope!