Monday, 25 April 2011

First day in the Caymans

As I walked back from the supermarket in shock from the prices, I glanced over towards the sea and spotted these wonderful clouds. I got my camera, crossed the road to the beach and joined others taking photos as the sun set. It was lovely, a warm breeze caressing my bare arms as I stood ankle deep in the clear water. There were still plenty of people swimming, I haven't done that yet. Yesterday was one of those days when anything is an effort, I suspect I was a little tired. The journey was stressful at times, launching into the unknown via the US of A. More on that as I regain my energy.

Today I've had an invitation. Yesterday I met the person here I've had the most contact with during the employment process. Peter and I enjoyed a beer by the pool, talking about my new job and all that it entails. I came away excited, I truly am able to begin at the beginning. That's much easier than picking up the pieces. When I got back to my room, Jo from HR had called with a welcome and an invite to go yachting. Would I like to? Yes please! So I'm writing as I'm waiting for Jo. It's been a while since I've been yachting so I'm really looking forward to a day out on the water, wetting my bikinis in the warm, clear Caribbean waters. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself.

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