Thursday, 12 November 2015

Blue Mountains

My recent trip to the Blue Mountains provided me with lots of places to play with waterfalls. It's such a beautiful place, expansive views all with the blue haze that gave these hills their name. The eucalyptus oil burning off the trees in the sun. 

I really enjoyed getting out walking, although it was teeming with people on most of the trails. I found the big shots a bit difficult with the mix of haze, light and shadows so have added some water shots here. I have a great series of the two women enjoying that waterfall, wish I knew who they were so I could share them. 

I couldn't believe how close the Blue Mountains are to Sydney yet how different. Once again AirBnb came to the party with the best apartment, so close to everything yet so peaceful. I had another moment of being glad to be from Aotearoa. There was a wonderful band playing at the Station Bar in Katoomba. A lovely bunch of guys with a variety of instruments and that NZ funk sound I so enjoy. They chatted with us during their breaks, seems they love do Fat Freddies and others. 

The pizza was the best I've had in a very long while as well. I was starving after a day out exploring and ready to enjoy some music and dancing. 

The sun playing havoc with the Wentworth Falls

Cooling off

In the cool of the trail

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