Sunday, 1 September 2013


I'm staying in the famous city, made famous by many through the centuries including Di. Her love of Genova has rubbed on Sandy and I as we wander and chat, take photographs and enjoy the delicious food. Last evening we went to a place that really could be my place, Boccadasse right by the sea. Photos will follow as I get these up loaded onto my overloaded computer. Di's headed off to get some pastries for breakfast, fresh pastries and fresh fruit with an espresso. Breakfast heaven. 

The Beautiful Truth retreat was wonderful, truly a space to be and enjoy the finer things in life. Photography, the sharing of stories late into the night, problem solving, creating, sightseeing, wine tasting and the most wonderful food and wine; all shared with the most wonderful women. Diana is a goddess in the kitchen, creating from mostly local, seasonal ingredients the most delicious food. She is multitalented; a ceramic artist, life coach and photographer as well as running a successful business in hard times alongside the lovely Micha. Max reminded me of Sam, a wise golden lab who loves his back being rubbed. 

I was sad to leave, I know we all were. There will be more on this as I take time to reflect on my time there. Three of us are in Genova with the forth to follow. Sara will join Di and I in the next few days, Sandy leaves to enjoy a relaxing cruise tomorrow. Sara and I are making travel plans, possibly dragging Di off to Istanbul for a few days, then maybe heading to Prague and beyond. I left my Europe plans open for just this reason, the unplanned adventures that seem to come when I'm there. 

I'm keeping a watch on the events in Egypt, listening to those who know and at this point I'm thinking I may have to cancel my trip there. It doesn't seem sensible to put myself at possible risk when Cairo seems to be at the heart of the unrest. I guess I'm not destined to go there this time, I've canceled a few trips there now and will get to be there when it's the right time. 

Time to get ready for the day, breakfast and adventures in Genova. Life is good.

A protective lion


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