Thursday, 19 September 2013


What a treat. We met Julietta Beatrice, the woman of the button curtains in the small restaurant at the end of our street. There are just some people that really inspire, conversations born out of scallops, buttons and porto.

Julietta took a shine to us after our button comments and came out to talk. We had met her husband earlier when he recommended the seafood restaurant. She was there then, smiling at us. She may not have remembered. Tonight she is our friend, sharing philosophies and stories. She is well traveled, Mexico, Brazil and the USA. New York rather than middle America.

"I am 50, I am my story. I am I," Julietta was the gem of today. And there were many highlights. When you are in Lisbon next, go and visit her at Costa Do Castelo Bar Das Imagens. The perfect place to end the evening of a perfect day.

Salette and Julietta sharing a moment

One of Julietta's famous button curtains

Sunset from my window

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