Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A little jaded

I'm feeling a little tired, could be that I've been on the go for a few months without real down time. I'm loving being in Antwerp with Di and her lovely family and getting some time to do and be before heading back out there exploring. So far, in five weeks, my travels have taken me from Cayman to New Orleans to Ireland to England to Scotland to Italy with Milan, Acqui Termi and Genova and here to Antwerp via Brussels. It's been a fantastic start to my holiday.

Being too busy to write and having a computer that needs some TLC means I've not been keeping up on my entries here. Today it's a trip into town to buy an external hard drive so I can take away some photos to add some more. That just may fix things, that and continuing to delete obsolete files. Emptying my Mac a meg at a time.

The next leg of my journeying is getting interesting with an invite to Norway added to a journey through northern Italy to Croatia and beyond. My travel agent is looking into options that won't have me waiting in Cairo's airport for eight hours, Athens may go as a departure point and that would be okay. One way flights within Europe seem quite inexpensive and oaky to book near the time of flying. I love that flying in Europe and the the UK doesn't require massive amounts of invasive and time consuming security. Arriving in Milan from London was a joy, a quick stamp and off I went.

So Antwerp is some much needed downtime with a week of local wandering planned. Maybe a day in Spa, coffee in Brussels, exploring Gent and other adventures yet to unfold. More will follow, a back look and some stories and pics. 

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