Sunday, 21 August 2016


I was lying in bed this sunny Sunday morning thinking about all I have to be thankful for. I got to thinking about all I've learnt living in this big city, how I've grown, the people I've met and the experiences I'm having. The resilience I've further developed. This business of mine that's doing okay despite my nervousness at the start.

Thankful, there are so many ways. The joy of holding my fifth grandbaby a few hours after her birth, seeing her first bath, being there to support my son and  lovely daughter in law. Being grandma on the spot with the two and a half year old and five year old. What joy having small people with very cold feet sneak into my bed for a cuddle and some warmth. Reading bedtime stories, splashing bath times.

I'm so loving being so close to my family. The opportunity to spend regular, non jet lagged time with them so the little ones are happy to spend time with me and talk with me when we're apart. I watch with joy the photos posted on Facebook of our new addition and her sisters, joy because I was part of such a special event. A first for me.

Tomorrow I have the other two year old for the day. I'm looking forward to her caring play with her babies. Wandering to the park and babychino after. Girls missed my life in the first round and are such a joy this round. Then there's my eldest grandson, a budding rugby player wanting to follow in the footsteps of those All Blacks.

Things I have learnt in this big city; most people I meet are lovely, friendly and open to sharing their place. The food is divine, coffee fantastic in my small neighbourhood. And there's that word neighbourhood. Sydney, the big city of small villages. Right now I'm looking over the harbour from my desk, watching the wind on the water, the gently swaying yachts on their moorings, the sparkling sun. Last night it was the yellow moon rising. I know when I go out there will be people who smile and say hello, people who recognise and acknowledge each other as neighbours.

I owe a few friends a call, at the moment I'm in hermit mode regrouping after a stressful contract out of town. I wished to be somewhere else for my birthday, my wish took me to Gympie and the Sunshine Coast. Last time I was on the coast was in the early '90s, it's changed a lot since then. It was great to eat out and explore the night life, pisco sours and tapas at Machu Picchu on the strip was a worthy birthday celebration.

Driving again was great, I quite like having a car although it makes me lazy. Driving in Sydney is a treat if you know where you're going; are in approximately the right lane when you're close to needing to change direction; have a well charged phone; don't have a small child in her car seat who is hungry, thirsty, tired, grumpy, wanting something from the floor neither of you can reach. I've got wise to the phone thing and now have a portable charger.

Three of my lovely besties came for a visit from New Zealand recently. The four of us in my small place enjoying picking up where we left off. Lots of sightseeing, fun and laughter and of course much wine and food to celebrate. One had never been to Sydney, two hadn't been for many years so it was all new. They all had bucket lists. Next year our reunion will be in NZ, on an island in that part of the country I love so well.

I'm really procrastinating, enjoying the sun without having to do the work I need to settle to. I have writing to complete, courses for prospective teachers, and a strategic planning session to further develop. Later I suspect. Here's a pic from this lovely place, I've had my camera out so more will follow.

An evening ferry trip

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