Monday, 7 March 2016

Feel good February

We had a thing at work where we drew a name and had to provide one of our colleagues with something thoughtful so they felt good in February. My gift was small, the very thing my person wanted and lost at the christmas party gift giving do. Receive then someone can choose to take it and swap for theirs. I got water balloons and one of the kids there was keen to swap for that! So my person swapped and lost a packet of yummy Tim Tam biscuits, he got a pack from me in return. 

So others went all out. Baking, chocolate, flowers lots of thoughtful gifts that made everyone's day. Why do I write about this now? Well it got me reflecting on all I have to feel good about. The gifts that come to me during this life of mine I'm so enjoying. February brought some special gifts.

My lovelies from Brisbane are coming down to see me, all of them, all staying at my my little place. I'm so excited, it's a first ever. I usually visit them because of babies and cost and the ease of travel for me. I gave them airline vouchers for Christmas, the best gift ever. It's the littlest one's 2nd birthday while they're down too so we get to celebrate together, bonus. 

I finally upgraded my Mac to a new iMac, a bigger beastie that sits on my new table. It's the best, well it is now I've managed to sort the password stuff. Who knew. And my new table was a gift from Sam. A glass map of the world table I've coveted for a while. My keyboard sits down under, my screen between Asia and the USA. There's plenty of room for my stuff too, important when writing. And writing I am, a series of short stories so watch this space. 

I got to sail on Saturday, in a race, in a small boat like my old one and I loved it. I must have done okay too because I've been invited back. It was great to be out on the harbour with a responsive rig where the main sail has a micro trim. I was house sitting over on the north side and had a car for the weekend so managed to get out and about a bit. So back to the table. I picked it up on Thursday evening after burgers at Batch where the lovely staff made sure I had the best custom made burger. 

The plan was sound, I'd lift it out at mine, put it in the lift and take it to my place. Parking in that no parking zone I quickly realised that wasn't going to happen. So I did what any damsel in distress would do, i asked for help. Two lovely guys lifted the top out and into the foyer and off they went with bewildered smiles. It seems they didn't speak English very well and were here for the Mardi Gras. As I was scratching my head wondering what next, one of the lovely wait staff at one of my local restaurants came along. He was not only helpful, he gave me a history lesson of my building. About the nightclub and wild parties with celebs like the Beatles and Stones staying. 

This has turned into a ramble, it's late I ramble when it's late. One of the greatest gifts I am most thankful for are my lovely family and my friends. The silver and the gold. I loaned my home to one while I was housesitting and she enjoyed my place like I do. taking much needed time out to regroup after a difficult time. I'm ever thankful to those who include me like sailing friends DJ and Jacqui, hilarity on Saturday evening over wine and pizza. And as for the small ones, a never ending joy. 

It's March now, there's a feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air as I move towards my next adventure. Making haste slowly. Being wise with my choices.


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