Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Do I have such a deep mistrust of the things that happen in the USA that I'm not going to engage in some social research being conducted from there? It's firstly about using the web for population analysis. Fair enough I can see that might be useful and I may not have read further and just clicked through. Then I saw the next piece.

And I quote "studying the relationship between what you post on your weblog to your actual stances on issues, attributes about yourself and things that you do".

Actually as I'm re reading and writing I'm not sure it's as intrusive as I thought. For the record, here in this space, I only write about things I believe in. I advocate for those who by accident of birth are not as fortunate as me and my family and friends. Whose plight I feel deeply, the reason I drop out to recharge sometimes. 

Attributes about myself. I write to share news and views, amuse, entertain and generally keep in touch with people. This is a forum for shaing my photos too. And promoting places I've loved. I seldom bare my personal soul, those who know me well know this sensitive extrovert is a private person. That's not to say I'm not going to go there one day soon. Watch this space. 

So yes, I have now externally processed and suspect I might just take part. Kind of a little flattered to be asked, but don't tell anyone.