Thursday, 31 December 2015

Zoo fun

Yesterday I had a zoo visit planned. I can see Taronga Zoo from my place, well where the ferry lands and the greenness of that space. The small girl was to come along, that didn't happen and luckily so with all the throngs of people there. Families, lovely to watch so many of them out and about enjoying their children in such surroundings. I also wanted to take my time so I could enjoy pausing for photographs, very boring for small children. I bought a years pass, suspect we may spend time there together very soon.

Because I had a car I drove and after a few human mishaps I can kind of blame on the satnav, well not really, I arrived in one piece to a full car park. No worries, there's always one more so in I went. It was warm inside, many of the animals sleeping in the shade, in the trees and generally staying away from this stream of daily watchers. The giraffes were majestic and gracious as giraffes are and I managed a couple of shots. The koalas were sleeping in the trees, the gorillas were in their house and the kangaroo was getting very grumpy at all the attention when he just wanted to sleep as well.

I was a little concerned about the seal who was doing laps of his very small pool, the size of some of the enclosures surprised me. Always the flip side with zoos alongside their conservation work and introducing children to animals they may never see in the wild. I do love photographing animals and some of my favourites have been from zoos, like the Antwerp hippo, the New York owl and the Al Ain savannah giraffes and zebras.

This evening there's the sail to a vantage point in the harbour from which to enjoy those amazing fireworks in the company of the best of people on Australia One. Getting very excited now.  So here are a couple of pics from the day out. Hopefully there will be fireworks ones tomorrow.

The zoo view, outstanding spot

Sleepy koala

Peek a boo 

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