Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Palm Beach

I went for a drive yesterday, heading north to Barrenjoey Head and Palm Beach to enjoy walk 4 in my book. Up to the lighthouse, then a wander and quite possibly a swim. It was completely stunning, a gorgeous day to commune with my surrounds. And so much like my favourite place in New Zealand, the ocean beach on one side, the harbour on the other and a hill to watch over them.

After my wander I wended my way down, planning to stop at a few of the other beaches on the way. I missed a couple in the traffic, watching when I should have been looking, and ended up in Narrabeen. After a quick visit to the Woollies for lunch stuff, I found a beach spot and relaxed there for a while. The sun was hot, the wind cold so this hot house flower decided against a swim. Narrabeen is beautiful, a proper beach community with an amazing lagoon/lake to enjoy as well.

I liberated some shells for my collection, so many the bowl is overflowing, all with stories.

Travel trophies

Palm Beach from Barrenjoey Head track

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