Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Taking a risk, is this a trait? In the eye of the beholder? Subjective. Dependent on our view of what risk really is for us. Is taking a risk born out of courage or foolishness? Out of knowledge or ignorance? Why are some so comfortable with risk, often not recognising the risk and only seeing the possibilities.

I took a risk recently, apparently. Others perceived it as a risk, I perceived it as a choice. The choice between two risks. Staying where I was or moving. Staying and always wondering. Going and always knowing. There's no risk in that for me, just choice. I came for a six month contract, a new job in a new country with a new organisation. I made a choice, less of a risk than taking a non contract position because there's an easy out. Not having to make the decision to leave if it doesn't work.

From my first day this choice has been the best choice. Time to get to know my gorgeous granddaughter. Time with family. A new home with an outstanding view and plenty of morning sun, a more forgiving climate and plenty to do in this big city. And best of all, my six month contract has turned into a more permanent role. One that was waiting for me to arrive. One that combines all my interests and passions, is flexible, working with an awesome team on a worthwhile project. Perfect. 

I don't take risks, I say yes to opportunities. I have GFA and that works out just fine for me.

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