Sunday, 26 July 2015

In Cayman it was sunsets

In Sydney it's sunrises. I'm not sure if that's about the closing of old chapters and the beginning of new ones or if it just is because it is. The sun has always been my happy place, a home flooded with the rising of the sun ideal for me. Sydney has been very good to me so far, there's plenty to do like wandering along the coastal walkway from Bondi to Coogee. A lovely outing on an otherwise stay at home wet day. 

I sheltered at Bronte, coffee warming me while I waited for a break in the weather. The waves pounding the sand and crashing up against the rocks, spray filtering the air. Sea air, sharp with salt. I can see the attraction of living at these eastern beaches and may look there when my lease expires. For now the closeness to work and town win. That lovely morning when I can wander a variety of ways. Going out and being able to get home easily late at night. I do catch the train, I do wander through Kings Cross at night much to the horror of some locals I know. It's okay, really. I've wandered much worse places and been just fine.

Today Samantha and I ventured north to a new cafe her friend has opened, Maslow's. Her son is the most amazing chef, his food a work of art and the best coffee. This evening there's a Meet-up at Darling Harbour, it's a school night but a bit of dancing will be good for me. Meet-ups have been such a bonus, landing not really knowing anyone here and now having friends to hang out with on weekends. Like Celia. 

There's so much to write about! New things keep popping into my head as I write, disjointed and random adventures and discoveries. Like the recent breakfast at the Kings Cross market with my lovely Sydney family. Corn fritters, coffee, sun and the best company. Something I repeated this Saturday with quite different company. People watching, chatting, chilling on the sun. 

Next weekend I'm off to Brisbane on my first official outing in my new job. Attending a conference on Saturday and enjoying my Brisbane family on Sunday and Monday. Bonus. My new job is a writing job, preparing presentations, social media and web posts and writing articles for professional and other publications. Time to research built in. Presenting at conference and other fora expected from time to time. Does this sound like my perfect job, well yes it does. 

So best I get ready to salsa. Here are a few pics from my wanders. 
Wild water, he was wise to run

Sunrise sparkling on the water


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