Sunday, 31 May 2015


Yes once again. This time to my new place overlooking the Sydney Harbour. New place with new furniture and old treasures. When they arrive. My shipping is on the way and I'm not that sure how everything is going to fit. The essentials are there, I move in tomorrow. The couch will be my bed until I can put the one from Ikea together.

Ikea, two hours of wandering and I had what I needed to furnish my apartment. The boxes were delivered late this morning, I have managed to make the bedside cabinet, a cool red chair the same as the ones I had in Al Ain, the couch (only possible with Debbie's help), the set of two coffee tables and that's about it. Still to go...... Well quite a bit really.

The kitchen is now clean, my new dinner set and small things all washed and away in the cupboards. I couldn't believe how little I paid for my haul, picked and delivered as well. The delivery men were a treat. Of Arabic descent, I made them laugh with my greetings and thank yous. They made short work of the delivery task, the chaos of boxes that meant work for me.

House sitting at Nick and Liberty's this weekend has been a bonus. Winston the cat has appreciated the company, well as much as cats do. Being able to zip around in their car has been fantastic. I've managed to find my way around, with the help of that very calm voice from my phone. I even got to drive over that big bridge, hard to resist clapping my hands with delight while I was driving.

Tonight I'm making the most of the Internet. I haven't arranged any for my apartment yet, tomorrow's job. It's so easy arranging things here, so much easier than in my other moves. I'm looking forward to having some free weekends to wander with my camera. To explore this lovely city. Photos will follow, for now I've got a bed to make. Literally. 

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