Thursday, 5 March 2015


Oh my, March is slipping by. Autumn is coming although summer is still warm enough for now. The leaves are beginning to fall; Noah is now 5, a happy birthday weekend was had with shopping for pressies top on the list. The cricket set a hit, bowling lefty because the right is still not right.

It's been a different kind of month or so with my ribs taking their time to heal, sailing being a shore activity and the ostiopath being a bit of a hero. Poking into the sore places and making them better. I laugh to my colleagues that I'm off to pay a man to hurt me. He does, it helps. So much so that I'm off racing tomorrow, for better or for worse. Better is the plan. Red wine after and lovely food and company will make it worthwhile.

Dancing and yoga is also on next weeks plan. Diana and I were enjoying Ceroc, time to get back there. If I have time. I'm heading south for work, then north to Auckland the next day. It should be fun, back working with front line people. Then I'm off to Aria's birthday and christening in Brisbane, I can't wait. I had a horrible thought this evening that I haven't booked my leave. Top on the list for tomorrow.

This evening over a lovely smoked salmon salad and a nice red, Sue and I chatted about family histories. So interesting as we get that bit older. Reminiscing about standing on the ramparts of Stirling Castle and finding my turangawaewae, my place to stand. My history. Stirring. About family histories of Burma, India, New Zealand. Interesting stories.

This weekend, if Saturday is indeed a wet one as forecast, I plan to begin writing my book. I have bits written on scraps of paper. Time to collate and get ready to line up with just the right pics. I've been reading about the travel gene, one I have and have maybe passed on to the boy with the map on the wall and the globe he asked for at Christmas time. We talk about where I've been, he might enjoy this book. Written just for him.

From my place to stand

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