Sunday, 4 January 2015

Resolutions and resilience

I have a small secret I don't often share. So don't tell anyone. I subscribe to Jonathan Cainer and enjoy my personal and general horoscopes whenever I like. These can be the bright spots when I'm not feeling bright, the guides when my compass is not working so well. The gems that spark thoughts and feelings to explore. I know others scoff at this, probably why I don't admit it often.

So last year was a kind of hibernation, a rest time, a time to rekindle and enjoy those family relationships that have been so fleeting and unsatisfying while I've been away. This year, well I'm not sure what it will bring yet, although there's an air of promise. An air of optimism and change.

Change takes resilience and I know I have that in spades. The ability to pack up and pick up in a new place, a new country, with a sense of excitement and only that small niggle of 'oh dear what have I done?'. That sitting on a new bed in a new place, temporary accommodation usually, and having a moment of panic. That panic when you don't know another person in a place, you don't know the country, the culture, the expectations, the new job you start on Sunday or Monday.

That even happened when I came back to New Zealand, to home, after some time away. To a new place where I had never lived, new people, new neighbourhood, new job. Family so tantalisingly close.  Contact with friends really helped, meeting new ones through the Meetup groups did too.

So now to the resolutions. There are the usual ones that I know will not last too long, except for re starting yoga. That will last. Then there are the questions one must ask oneself. Those key ones when it comes to resolutions. I didn't come to these myself, although they were hovering, and the words of Mr Cainer rang true again this morning.

"If you could have what you want, what would you ask for? Why would you ask for it? What key factor would over ride all others? What would become the most burning priority of all? Ask for that"

I'm reflecting on the answers. The obvious ones come to mind, the big picture ones. The deeply meaningful and personal ones may take time to evolve. 


Di said...

Thank you :-) That question is truly useful, and timely, as the new website comes together. 'If I I have what I want, what would you ask for? Why would I ask for it? What key factor would over ride all others? What would become the most burning priority of all?'
Let's see what unfolds in the weeks ahead. Rome soon, strange to go back without you. When you return, maybe we should begin there ... step off that international flight and into a summer's day there ... maybe. One idea anyway. Take care and lots of love and good things in the new year xx

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes, the questions resonated with me, hence posting them. Sounds like a plan, I'm ready for Rome again xx