Friday, 9 January 2015

I owe I owe

It's back to work I go. Not willingly. It's been a lovely break, one I wasn't ready to end. A few days in and work doesn't appeal. I need to stop that stuff, soon. Not just yet. I was ready to arrive home, to relax and be in my own space. I brought home a suntan, fading a bit after some days inside.

There was such a treat waiting for me at home. An awesome photo book from Sasi and Kieran, photos from the wedding. So many gorgeous photos it brought tears. A wonderfully thoughtful book that will bring pleasure for years to come. I still want a canvas of that full family photo so will need to arrange that.

I'm having a night in tonight, on my own after Sue, Neil and their gorgeous almost 5 year old grand daughter whose name I can't spell and who really enjoyed my magic couch bed, flew north. We had a lovely evening, pizza, wine and great company with some friends of theirs over. TV is on the agenda, with a nice white, then a sleep in tomorrow. There's the promise of a sail and a night out socialising tomorrow. I'm back.

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