Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Just magic. Late on Christmas eve I write after some interesting adventures. Christmas is so special when spent with little people, lovely grand children little people. Noah has been a delight. With the usual excitement he headed to bed, a little late, very tired and wondering when santa would arrive. Not long after there was a sizable earthquake in this earthquake prone place. I checked on him.

"Grandma, why did my house shake? Was it santa landing on the roof?"

Oh my, how hard to keep a straight face and explain that santa couldn't be on the roof yet because he was still awake. That the shaking was another scary earthquake. So hard to destroy some magic for him. He took it in his stride as he does and off to sleep he went, unsettled because he's been awake on and off since then.

The note and key are on the door. 'Dear santa. We love you. Here's the key' written by a small boy without a chimney. Carrots for the raindeer, milk and chocolate for santa. Oh the preparation and excitement. Tim and I talked of Christmases past when he was small, knowing the joy his mum and dad got preparing the presents and surprises for him. Even when we had very little to offer.

Tomorrow promises to be tons of fun, Lego to make, books to read, chocolate; and all before breakfast. Lets hope the earth remains quiet tonight. After all it is Christmas. Merry Christmas and to all a good night.

Bubbly fun today


Di said...

Reads like you're having the loveliest time over there, Julie. Miss you :-) Sahara has some nice surprises too but we took her shopping in Holland a couple of weekends ago and she's thinking the clothes were it. There's just one more sweet thing. We've just finished reading The BFG, now for the next series.
Have fun and hug that mother of yours from me.

Jule's Short Story said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, hugs too for especially that lovely lass with the new clothes :)

Is the Hobbit next or have you done that already?

Much love from the summer lands xxx