Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Memory lane

What a wander down memory lane, sorting through those boxes of stored treasures. Old photos, records of events, letters, cards, books, the bits and pieces of lives enjoyed. It's time to throw away all my old teaching resources, time to sort the photos from way back when into years, subjects, people. Time to part with some books I no longer need to store.

It's been so good having this decent break and being able to stay where the treasures are stored. I've managed to rationalise boxes, re classifying the treasures and putting the empty boxes out to recycle. The garage is certainly looking emptier, tidier. My stuff will need to wait until I have a more permanent place to live, there's change afoot as I'm looking for a new place to rent. A sunnier place.

I had thought I had some clothes, winter ones, and shoes here. It seems not. I guess that's an excuse for me to go shopping. I may just have to wait until my card is healthier. This is a temporary respite from the boxes, the dust and the sorting. Next job, back to those photos. What a treat.

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, 24 December 2014


Just magic. Late on Christmas eve I write after some interesting adventures. Christmas is so special when spent with little people, lovely grand children little people. Noah has been a delight. With the usual excitement he headed to bed, a little late, very tired and wondering when santa would arrive. Not long after there was a sizable earthquake in this earthquake prone place. I checked on him.

"Grandma, why did my house shake? Was it santa landing on the roof?"

Oh my, how hard to keep a straight face and explain that santa couldn't be on the roof yet because he was still awake. That the shaking was another scary earthquake. So hard to destroy some magic for him. He took it in his stride as he does and off to sleep he went, unsettled because he's been awake on and off since then.

The note and key are on the door. 'Dear santa. We love you. Here's the key' written by a small boy without a chimney. Carrots for the raindeer, milk and chocolate for santa. Oh the preparation and excitement. Tim and I talked of Christmases past when he was small, knowing the joy his mum and dad got preparing the presents and surprises for him. Even when we had very little to offer.

Tomorrow promises to be tons of fun, Lego to make, books to read, chocolate; and all before breakfast. Lets hope the earth remains quiet tonight. After all it is Christmas. Merry Christmas and to all a good night.

Bubbly fun today

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Heading south

I'm all packed and ready to go, with some time to spare. I had a home day yesterday, tired after a hectic few weeks. Time to relax. The work Christmas party was fun, the small organising committee working hard to make it so with games, gifts, chocolate, wine. What more could one ask for when surrounded by friends.

All the parcels are posted, the ones to Australia will get there on time. Fingers crossed. The boy has his under the tree with some supplementary ones in my carry on. So it's time to wind down and relax at the end of my first full year back in New Zealand.

And what a year it's been. There's quite a list really. Two new grand daughters, a wedding, a new job, new friends and old, a new home filled with new stuff and old treasures, sailing adventures, travel to family as often as I could, the luxury of not being jet lagged for a whole year. Plenty of adventures.

My resolution for this break is to sort out my photos and write some catch up entries here. Now I must run for the bus, I didn't really have time to do this. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

That sick thing

So being sick got me good and proper. A wet sail possibly didn't help, I was already battling a little something and it bit on Monday. By Tuesday I realised that I needed some help, how hard is it to find a doctor in Wellington? Really hard at a moments notice it seems. And very expensive. How was I to know there was a small step one had to take to be seen by a doctor? One has to register.

With some help from my lovely friends at work a doctor was found, my first visit to a GP since my medical in the UAE. It was quick and painless, no nasty needles mentioned, and expensive. $85 plus prescription costs for a five minute consult.

Doctor: (After a 2 second listen) You seem to have a deep seated chest infection, oh and glands and a sinus infection. You need antibiotics. Here you go. Goodbye.

Me: Speechless. (Really and surprisingly speechless with a that's it? Look)

No medical history questions, blood pressure taking, no real check over, no offer that if it's not better by Friday then do this, no suggestions about how long I might need off work resting. I must have looked healthy in all other ways I guess.

Today was my first day back at work, well back at the Advisory Leadership course I have been attending. I couldn't miss the last session. I have made some lovely friends on this course, a group of like minded folks with whom I have that secret handshake of a shared set of experiences. We just pick up where we left off each time. Very special, and very much thanks to some wonderful facilitation by Michelle and her trusty side kick Claire for McCormack and Associates. Such a lot of learning and affirming.

Tomorrow I will be in catch up mode in the office. I have already made the paella for tomorrow nights Christmas party at the sheds, a Spanish theme for for Pete's shed with sangria too and maybe a flamenco dancer. I have my red shoes ready. It will be interested to join this annual shed crawl with lots of different themes, drinks and food. After racing of course.

I suspect I might need a quiet Saturday although Christmas shopping for the Aussie crew is top on the list. I must check out postal times tomorrow. I had a treat today, a lovely email from April on Cayman Brac, a Christmassy let's Skype soon email. It's been a while so I can't wait to have a good catch up. I do enjoy the social times around Christmas, people wanting to spend time together. Bodes well for the next few weeks.