Sunday, 19 October 2014

Oh my!

This space has been just so neglected lately. Not that I've not had adventures to write about, quite the opposite. Life is all consuming at the moment. After a quiet winter, well quiet for me, it's all go with friends coming to stay, cultural events to attend, wonders to be wandered, socialising to be done. Generally busy in all parts of my life with work ramping up to the place where it's more interesting and engaging.

It seems that I've not written since mid September. So much to tell, where to start. I wrote last post that Jane and Annie were coming to stay. What a treat, two of my favourite people who had never met each other at my place at the same time. It put me in mind of a poem I received in a card once:

Make new friends and keep the old
these are silver, those are gold.

I've known Annie for so many years it's scary, we had a laugh about that. Remembering, reminiscing. Jane and I have country hopped together, both now back home and enjoying this place. I hired a car, we had adventures. I'd been stressing a bit about what to wear to the upcoming wedding, mother of the groom suitable. The outfit I'd bought earlier was elegant. It needed shoes, and a suck it in petticoat. Or the toning of some tummy bits.

Plan B needed to arrive, a trip to Greytown over the Rimutakas with my new credit card was quite in order. I'm not a good shopper, I have to be in the mood. With my personal shopper the stylish Jane and her trusty side kick Annie, I had little choice. And it was quite fun knowing that I could buy without checking the price tag on this one day. The joys of a new, untouched, no balance credit card and the need to look stylish for this very special occasion.

The first shop was all we needed. A nice green dress called me in, a gorgeous colourful Trelise Cooper dress left with me. i had a small chuckle at the name of the dress, Caribbean Dream. Too appropriate it seems. Just wish I still had my Caribbean tan. There was also that wonderful moment when I wasn't sure, it didn't quite fit the way it might, and the lovely assistant brought out the smaller size. It fitted perfectly.

So a pair of orange shoes and a matching handbag later, all I need is the right lippy and I'm good to go. Today I'm practicing using my new contacts, the glasses were a hit and they can be plan B just in case. All good so far.

The reason Annie came up is that we had planned to go to WOW or the World of Wearable Arts. There was a part of me that was ambivalent, that was until the first minute of the show. Wow it most certainly was. What a fantastic, mind blowing show. I could have gone a few times just to make sure I saw all there was in this most sumptuous production. I was awestruck and emotional, very proud of the talent, our talent, on display. With the wonderful piece that was all about Aotearoa. The clip below is such a small taste, the plan is to go again next year.

We had a small mishap after a night out where I learnt that it costs $140 to be let into one's house when one has mislaid the keys. One of those funny moments when we stood freezing by the door after being dropped off by the taxi, debating what to do, when there was a perfectly good car parked on the road to sit in. I even had the car keys in my hand and could have driven back to find the ones that had dropped out of my small bag. The locksmith was almost there when we realised, he came up the road to see three women crippled with laughter waiting to greet him. I suspect he'd seen worse.

So I suspect this is part one of a long catching up tale. I fly to Brisbane on Friday, outfit and shoes packed in a special carry on shopping bag. It's going to be a long day, flying to Christchurch to pick up the great grandmother, then to Brisbane and all the excitement of seeing everyone. I can't wait and photos will follow.

For now it's time to head out with Sue and Bex to pick up two sun loungers for summer evening wine moments in the late afternoon sun.

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