Sunday, 14 September 2014

Catching up

Its been an interesting time lately. The winter blues have given way to some spring delights, like the daffodils on my table. Vibrant yellow reflecting the sun as it rises through my east windows. The sun now comes in those windows, that means summer is on its way. This is a summer house, not being insulated like so many New Zealand homes makes it not so warm in the winter. The sun is also gone in winter from quite early in the day.

Last evening I joined a few folks in the Last Minute Larrys Meet-up group to watch the rugby in town. I really enjoy these groups of people, all are friendly and inclusive, some I've met many times, some are new. Like the trainee doctor from Germany. I did my best to explain the rules of rugby, what was good and what was not. She had been in the country for two weeks and was told rugby was a must see. I'm sure I'd have been the same watching football in Germany with her, except she had perfect English and I have no German.

Yesterday I replaced my glasses, another tick on the to do before the Brisbane wedding. I also have some new contacts to try. The optometrist suggested that I only use one contact so I didn't have to carry reading glasses, she suggested it. Others have laughed at me doing just that when I only managed to get one contact in. See I'm hopeless at using them successfully. Hopefully they will work just fine this time.

Not many more weeks until I'm off to Brisbane again, I can't wait. It will be the first time all my sons have been in the same place at the same time in a long while, certainly since Nick became a dad too. Seeing my sons being dads is the most amazing experience. They are all awesome dads, well taught by their dad's modelling. It's precious to see their smiles as they gaze lovingly at their little ones, as they build Lego creations, take them on bike rides to the park, show their love and pride. It makes me very proud.

My daughters in law are all awesome too, like the boys they are all different and yet all with the same special qualities that make them wonderful women to be raising children, my grand children. The cousins will get to play, well the two bigger ones will, and their great grandmother will get to meet the two new additions. I feel family photos coming on.

Today I got my spare room a little more organised. Jane and Annie are coming to visit in a couple of weeks and Sue is coming to stay for a bit, commuting from her lovely new home in Nelson. I also got to wander in the gardens. Following paths familiar and unfamiliar and finding some restful contemplation spots. Wellington is truly amazing. Within 20 minutes walk I can wander in the bush, through rose gardens, along the waterfront, through the city and climb hills. No excuse not to be fit.

Brisbane babes

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