Thursday, 4 September 2014

Giving in

I've been feeling a bit peaky the last week or so, everyone at work has the flu of some description and sharing the same air conditioning and open plan space is bound to mean some other sharing. So today I'm giving in and having a home day. One to have plenty of rest and fluids so I can make the presentation I'm doing at a conference tomorrow and the leadership meeting in the afternoon. I've also got a presentation to prepare for a session on Wednesday plus some personal stuff that needs business hours time.

So it might not be such a restful day, or am I just justifying taking a day off sick. I come from tough stock, originally Scottish stock and we don't admit to sick or do sick often. I've learnt that if I gift myself a day when I'm feeling like this, honour feeling off colour, acknowledge it and take care of myself, I come right quickly. It's the same with so much of life.

This week here has been lovely, soaking up the spring sunshine, topping up my vitamin D stores. Yes, summer is on the way. I'm looking forward to that and my next trip. Of course my next trip. I'm heading to Brisbane in a month or so for Kez and Sasi's wedding, I'm so excited. That coupled with the need to fit into a nice dress, buy shoes and organise some make up etc. Another thing for the list, that nice dress. Oh and maybe a hat/fascinator/hatinator (apparently there's such a thing).

So life in the capital goes on, there's an air of tension, excitement here about the upcoming election. It should prove interesting. 

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