Friday, 1 August 2014


Sometimes I'm just too busy to do this space justice. The last three weekends have been hectic, this one is the same. I'm in Melbourne getting some Frankie time. And Nick and Liberty time of course, although the small girl demands a bit of time. She is so gorgeous, at such a lovely age with smiles and chats as she kicks on her new NZ sheepskin rug.

Tonight I get to babysit as her mum and dad have a much needed night out. She's just gone off to sleep, the house seems so quiet. It's disconcerting looking at her sometimes as Nick looks back at me. She looks like her dad, that brings back memories. She's a much more settled baby than he was thankfully.

Melbourne is showing me her winter face. Windy and cold with a helping of hail as I walked back from the shops this afternoon. I always enjoy Melbourne. So much to do and so easy to get around. Tomorrow promises some sunshine and a wander around the markets. I'm looking forward to that.

I was in Brisbane last weekend for Sasi's hens party and to get some Aria and Eve time. Such a great weekend, not long enough really. It was warm too, much needed sunshine after the recent bleakness of Wellington. Roll on summer, it can't come soon enough for this hot house flower. 

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