Friday, 4 July 2014

A busy week

My intended entries didn't happen this week. Put it down to just being plain busy. Monday was an impromptu dinner out with a friend I don't manage to catch up with very often. A wander to my local for a relaxed meal in front of the warm fire and some mulled wine. Just what I needed. It's been chilly here, very chilly in the evenings. This hot house flower is quite enjoying the cold, although a small holiday on some tropical island might be nice.

The rest of my busy week, Tuesday was a long chat with Di on Skype and some catching up on some paperwork. Wednesday was a late one at work, an exhausted homecoming and an early night and last night I was given a ticket to see The Addams Family, a musical delight of amateur theatre. A group from work was going, one of our colleagues was in the show, and they had a spare ticket. Another time I was pleased I'd said yes. The small theatre was packed, generous glasses of wine were served and the fun began.

What a treat, Wellington is certainly the cultural capital. It was very funny in places, great singing and dancing. I was thankful I was up the back and not as close to the action as some of the group. On the stage, getting up close and personal. This evening it was after work drinks then home to talk with Nick and Frankie. Just a quick chat, I'm really looking forward to heading to Melbourne to meet her and have our first cuddle. Very exciting.

This weekend I'm planning a quiet one, probably hiring a car for Sunday so I can go out and about exploring. A walk is also on the cards, after I've checked out the weather of course. And of course some more travel entries. Well that's the plan for now.

One of the photos for my wall

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