Saturday, 5 April 2014

The joys of it

You win some and you lose some. My cunning plan for today didn't work, despite great sacrifice on my part. Not being particularly stellar in the mornings, I had the taxi ordered, my clothes laid out, my bags packed and at the door before I went to bed. Rising at 3.30am is actually pre morning so worse still. Why oh why did I book that 6am flight?

The idea was excellent. A whole Saturday with Kieran, Sasi, Eve and Aria. My first cuddle of Aria, our bonding time. Duly checked in according to plan, when it was announced. The 6am flight was now leaving at 9am. I was not best pleased. I did share this with the Virgin Australia staff, along with others. It seems someone called in sick, possibly the bloke meant to be flying the plane, so they had to bring staff down from Auckland to crew the flight.

Buggar and double buggar. Not enough time to get home and back so through I went to the comfy couches and had a wee lie down. Not ideal but I did have free wifi and an excellent book. The Lumanaries by Eleanor Catton has had rave reviews so it was my to read on holiday purchase. And read I have. It really is that good, enthralling, complex and very well written. 

It's also set in Hokitika, a place I know so well. The street names so familiar I can picture them as I read. I still remember Revell Street, higglety piggilty with the old shops poking out onto the narrow road.  I got lost there as a small child, lost sight of family and was a little afraid. So enjoying reading about the old days, what it might have been like for the miners and the merchants and the hardy women who made up the community.

So here I sit in Brisbane in the sun, warm to the bones in a delicious way I've not been warm for a while, waiting for everyone to get home. A temporary peace and quiet. 

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Di said...

That early morning start ... so unfair but I am so glad you read The Luminaries. I loved it. I'm off to hear Eleanor give an author's talk next week, or the week after? It's in the book, I'll find it.
So good to read of you flying again. And to new grandchildren :-)
Miss you