Monday, 14 April 2014


Or patient today. I'm not very good at being sick, I don't have the patience not to rush getting better. Maybe it comes from my childhood where sick wasn't really much of an option, missing out didn't come easily to me. Maybe it comes from my hardy Scottish stock or that I keep myself well rather than deal with being sick.

The two, almost three, year old's bug has come to haunt me. All that being coughed on and sneezed on and snotted over had to take it's toll. Then the baby got it as well, tough for a small one. I've managed to miss all the bugs at work so far, so am kind enough not to take this Australian strain with me this morning. The forbidding day seemed to be one to miss, steel gray skies with drizzle at times.

So now I'm a little bored. Not that there's not plenty to do, photos to sort, Easter weekend to organise, a house to get at least a little tidier. Lots of blog posts to write about my trip here. There's a photo below of one of my favourite stops. Bored and really only up to laying on the couch after short bursts of energy. Difficult to concentrate for too long on my book or any other task and I'm not exactly feeling the warmth as I need to.

I need to stop grumbling and get over myself, go and buy one of those lovely fleecy electric blankets for my bed and a heater for my bedroom. It's actually not that cold yet, just damp and after being away for a week of rain, my house needs some sun.

Easter weekend, I have plans forming. Plans that need a car. It seems there are none left to hire here so it's plan B. I'm thinking I need to buy a car soon, for winter. As Keri's son said to me on Saturday, how do you get out of Wellington? He looked a bit horrified that I only used public transport. He's right, to get out of Wellington and go exploring I do need a car. Just a weekend car.

Keri came to visit on the weekend, ferried over from Nelson via Picton. It was so lovely to see her, even if I was a bit too sick to be best company. Ruby stayed the weekend too and we managed to miss each other completely with my early hours arrival and the purpose of her trip. It doesn't seem that long ago since she was small like Aria.

So Easter. If I can get a car then I'm heading on a cruise around Martinborough and surounds, calling in to see Auntie Karen in Masterton. If not, then it's the train to Masterton. There's a sail on offer, the weather does need to improve for that, and time catching up on Diana's cruise. I'm looking forward to a long weekend at home.

My next few promise to be interesting. A trip to Auckland for work followed by, just maybe, a road trip back to Wellington; off to Melbourne for Nick and Liberty's baby shower; down to Christchurch again. And that's just April and May. So plenty to look forward to really. Time for a lie down again, this thinking stuff is taxing, sigh. Hope I'm okay to go to work tomorrow.

Evening rest - Cascais Portugal

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