Monday, 31 March 2014

Zoo time

My favourite four year old came up to see me this weekend. He brought his mum and dad, so lovely to show them my place in this place and spend some time with them all. Just hanging out. At the zoo, riding the buses, wandering the city streets, checking out the beach, eating and drinking. 

The Wellington Zoo is a great place to spend a few hours wandering. There's plenty to see, plenty to keep a small boy occupied. Watching the chimpanzees playing for keeps with a blanket; the giraffes majestically checking out the folks enjoying them; the kangaroos hopping close by; the very large cheetah sunning himself on the rocks; the red pandas hiding in the trees; and the one legged kiwi hanging out in the dark. Tons of fun. 

Just nibbling

Looking at you looking at me


Di said...

Love it. It was surely worth going home for days like this xx

Jule's Short Story said...

It sure is, so lovely to get such a lovely time and big 4 year old cuddles. Next week I get to see the girls xx