Friday, 7 February 2014


Wellington, the land of 7s rugby this weekend. And it looks really quiet this year. The grounds not quite packed. I did want to go this weekend but thought tickets would be hard to get. Not so it seems. Tomorrow I may just get there, I went on my own to the Dubai 7s one year and met some friends along the way so it might be okay to do that here.

The following year a crowd of us went to enjoy watching NZ play in our part of the world, what fun that was. The photos Rau put together on my maslama card tell that story. That one with the Kiss impersonators still makes me smile. Enjoying it on TV is the next best thing I suppose, lazy but possibly a bit warmer as it's been a bit wet and chilly out.

Friday, what a day after a Thursday Waitangi day spent exploring. Out wandering in the hills with friends. Today felt a bit like working on a Sunday. I wasn't that keen to get out of bed this morning. Many folks took the day off, a sound plan although it was nice to have a catch up day at work. Yesterday I went to the end of the Northern walkway. It starts a bit south of my place so it was good to see the other end in Ngaio.

Gill and I took the train up and Diana and Rachel met us. The locals showing us two not so locals around. We struggled up the bush track, a hard uphill, to the Skyline track. An awesome walk with amazing views. We could see both sides of the island from the top and the top of the South Island. A truly panoramic view. It was windy up top, almost blew me over in places.

Last night I was a bit tired, 5 hours or so of wandering taking it's toll. The view was worth it as the pics below show, the textures of the hills, the way the wind moved the grass, the friends I wandered with. A great day out, plus I discovered where the train station is and that it has a supermarket. Bonus for me as I can get a bus home, up the hill, nearby.

Looking to the west, South Island in the distance

Textured hills 
And to the east

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