Monday, 3 February 2014

Musing quietly

Someone asked the other day how long I'd been in Wellington. It's been a bit over two months, I arrived here on Nick's birthday, 22 November late at night. When I arrived I didn't know anyone in Wellington, well not quite true as I had a group of new work mates to get to know. Weekends were quiet, shopping for house things and generally setting up a new life in a new place. A bit of a familiar story for me it seems.

On the weekend, apart from sailing, I met with Diana and Gill for a wander through the travel expo and  an opportunity to enjoy some of the Chinese new year celebrations. A travel expo is a dangerous place to take someone like me. I came away with some brochures and lots of ideas. Gill is a veteran traveler, having visited many more places that I have, although we both have been to quite different places. Some of my places are on Gill's wish list. She has explored many places on mine.

That got us talking about a trip. Diana, a very new traveler, is all excited at the prospect of going exploring in 2015. Planning the journey, exploring the sights, armchair traveling, is it for this year and quite rightly so. I've had my fill of living out of a suitcase. She says ever so bravely. Gill and I are hatching plans, she's getting a big map and pinning the travel brochure blurbs one the places she wants to go. Diana is off on a cruise soon to celebrate a big birthday, I'm sure she'll have the bug when she comes back.

In the months I've been here I've accomplished quite a lot, so one of my colleagues reminded me today. I've set up a nice home, the last pieces of furniture arrive tomorrow. I've joined some social and exercise groups through the Meetup website, something that's active in other countries as well as here. I've made some lovely friends, women who have similar lifestyles, with that shared understanding women have. I mostly know what I'm supposed to be doing at work, and enjoying the work very much. I'm getting regular exercise and I've been sailing.

Not a bad effort really. I'm planning a movie visit tomorrow night. Finally going to see the Hobbit II. It's not much longer for the big screen so best I make the effort. I suspect I'll be disappointed if it's only on the small screen when I catch it. It all depends on deliveries, hopefully my run home at some stage to let the delivery men in will be early in the day. Another almost 3kms added to my exercise for the day, sigh. I will deserve a movie after that. 

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