Saturday, 15 February 2014

Avoidance tactics

There are some things that are best left to the experts. Plumbing, electrical work, fixing cars, hammering in nails, cleaning. Especially cleaning. I love a clean house, I love walking in to a clean house. Enjoying how it smells, running my hand carefully over the sparkling surfaces, marvelling how the floor feels under my bare feet, enjoying the shine on my porcelain products. Generally sighing with that happiness that comes once a fortnight.

So how come I'm not able to make this happen in the same way? I'm very willing to give all sorts of things a good go, cleaning is one I've never managed so well. Ever. Despite my love of a clean house. It's not hereditary, other members of my family manage it just fine and with a sense of pride. Today's efforts left my bathroom rather sparkling and smelling nice. Then I ran out of steam, not much stickability on my part. Coffee and writing a blog entry seemed to be much, much more important.

Perhaps it's the day I have in front of me that makes me hesitate to commit more time. I'm off for a sail soon. The day outside is truly lovely, a nice amount of wind, nice and sunny. Then there's the promise of dinner after with some new friends. Anyone who knows me knows that food is important to me. I'm grumpy enough when hungry to need a warning label and really appreciate well cooked cuisine. Something more than I can cook.

Last evening, after some lovely Friday after work drinks, I bussed over to Sue and Neil's house to check out all was looking good for a weekend of viewings. It's on the market, this house that I've enjoyed so many times. It was strange being there without Sue, an odd feeling of trespass. I wiped those things that needed wiping then enjoyed the setting sun for a moment.

A moment too long it seems as the bus went hurtling past me while I was just too far from the stop. The bus that comes each hour. I puddled for a while, feeling a bit hungry. That took up 5 minutes. Then a bit later, well before the next bus, a lady and her dog wandered by. I made a comment about it being a nice evening for a long wait for the bus and she offered me a ride to a more useful stop.

Such kindness from a stranger. She was lovely, originally from Christchurch so we had a lot to talk about on the small journey. A small journey that meant I was home before 9pm rather than well after. Here are two of the photos I got with my phone while I was waiting.

Look at the time, guess there'll be no more cleaning today. Off out to enjoy the sun, sea, sailing and good company. All is well in my world today.

A nice place to wait for the bus

Sunset over the capital

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