Tuesday, 14 January 2014

It's almost Wednesday

I joined the gym the other day, a little half heartedly and a little accidentally. I just went for a look, sigh. That's where it all begins. So on Wednesday, tomorrow, I have a meeting with a personal trainer. Maya in Al Ain was awesome, this one seems to be a young man. I'm not so sure if I can handle the humiliation. I'm just a little competitive and I know I'm really unfit. Oh well, I can but go.

The main reason I joined is that they have yoga like classes and a proper yoga studio that I can join as well. I miss yoga. The Monday evening excursions with Kim to Bodyworks in Cayman. I also am a little worried what winter may bring so need an inside exercise place. It's been another gorgeous day today, a lovely stroll to and from work. I have another appointment tomorrow, meeting a group of people to go to the movies with.

My dance card seems to be filling up. I'm also about to sign up for a racing sailing course, a big refresher and I know that I'll learn heaps about these very different conditions. It ties up four Saturdays, I'm sure I'll cope without a sleep in for a month. I dragged out my book on performance sailing that Jo bought for me on one of her UK trips.

All this activity, having to get from one place to another quickly and with gear makes me think I might need a car sooner rather than later. I've won the bet with certain family members and lasted almost 2 months without one. Just imagine what I could manage on the weekend with a car.

One place I didn't need a car was when exploring the river villages of Brunei. There were proboscis monkeys playing in the trees, difficult to shoot from a moving boat. The trip upriver was fantastic.

Holy jumping monkeys!

Feeling reflective

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