Friday, 24 January 2014

Blogging session

I enjoy musing in this space, sharing my thoughts and stories and my photographs. It's not particularly clever or at all spectacular. It's just a forum, I don't much care if others read me, except of course for those significant in my life. My family and my friends.

At the last Wellywalk, Diana, Rachel and I go chatting and I told them I blogged. I had asked if I could add one of the pics I took of them. Rachel has to create a blog for work, Diana it might be a fun way to share an upcoming trip with her friends and family so we organised a blogging session. Another friend and her daughter decided to join us, both were thinking of a foray into the world of blogging. My first piece of entertaining at my new, still tableless house. 

What fun, relearning myself how I set up this blog, with a little help form my friends. The beginnings were accomplished, all heading off to have a play and see what they can do. Exploring other blogs for ideas is a good place to start, exploring the designs and settings. Adding bits and pieces, links and friends. It's really a one on one thing, we did manage to get first posts written although there is quite a bit of refining to do. The topic if the next session.

This weekend is a quiet one, a much needed bit of chill out time with some walking thrown in. A catch up after a few weeks of outings. Feeling the need for some couch time, book time with some easy music playing. I managed to catch up with my Brisbane lot during the week, that stunning grandbaby there chatting like it was just yesterday that we had seen each other. My next trip is booked, in time to meet the new addition. I can't wait. 

Getting my bike ready to roll is top of the list, again. I had planned to hire a car for the weekend to do that big grocery shop, visit the mall for mall stuff and Briscoes for those things I need. It seemed a little expensive so I've decided to do the bus and taxi thing. An ironing board and some bigger pots for my herbs may mean a taxi ride, most other things seem okay to wander and bus. Buying a car is on the list although I'm not sure when I'll do that as the public transport is really good here, maybe when winter hits. 

Out exploring

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