Monday, 6 January 2014

Bits and pieces

I'm afraid I've had a bit of a writing and sharing drought. I was a little excited this evening to come on to write and find a comment. Then I checked it. Spam, that makes me a little cross although I have been lucky in that I've not had much so far. May mean I'm a bit boring to spam.

Comments, on the other hand, I really appreciate. I don't get that many despite a healthy readership if my stats don't embellish the truth. Maybe accidental readers rather than those who wait with baited breath for the next installment.

I notice I haven't written since mid December. Such a lot has happened since I arrived back and there's plenty to write about. Time is the issue. Not not having enough time, more making more of my time. I've really been enjoying my new house, it's a morning house. A house with the sun streaming in from the east and then the north. It even gets late afternoon sun out the back.

Being a bit of a sun bunny, that's important for me. The heat and the light. The openness of the space and view. Not a bad one from any direction. It's also filling up. My boxes have arrived and are unpacked, well mostly. I've got things to put in places that I don't have places for as yet. I will soon.

I bought a dining suite from Recollections in Thorndon Quay and revisited there yesterday and today to add some much needed furniture. I'm really enjoying the service in Wellington. I'm amazed at how friendly and accommodating the sales staff are in the stores I've visited. The Recollections staff added my extra two purchases to the original one and I'm having them delivered at the same time for a much reduced freight fee.

The bookcase will house some of my newly unpacked treasures and my growing collection of books. That's a collection that doesn't take long to grow. After seeing the movie Philomena Annie loaned me the book. What a treat Philomena was, a movie to reflect on long after watching it. An emotional movie. One that will resonate with those raised in the 50's, 60's and 70's, and particularly those who experienced a Catholic upbringing.

I'm not including the trailer here and I recommend you don't watch it before seeing the movie. The movie is much better than the trailer shows, more subtle, more human, more touching. Dame Judy is stellar as always with Alan Partridge being the perfect foil. Skillful acting.

So my house is coming along, it certainly feels like home and it's lovely to have my stuff here too as well as the new stuff. I had to rearrange my kitchen so it all fits, those lovely Turkish plates, bowls and coffee cups; the wine glasses with memories; the gifts from friends and family. My tea pot, my etched glass coffee mugs and glasses. I smile when I see them safely on the shelves.

My new years resolution involved living life to the full. Engaging in all I do and doing it well. Not that that's much of a resolution for me, more how I've always lived my life. One place I need to engage is here. To catch up on writing, sharing those wonderful experiences I had on the way to New Zealand. The photos and the people. The adventures, the slight mishaps. Like trying to bribe a border guard, accidentally of course and losing a car parking ticket in a place where I didn't speak the language.

The stories and pics will follow, right after I've caught up on emails. I have a few of those to write as well. And photos to upload to Dropbox so I can share them with friends. Here's one I can share now. I loved Lake Bled and it's a place I want to revisit. Next time it will be a longer visit, hopefully with my bike so I can more fully explore the trails around the lake. Just beautiful.


Di Mackey said...

Thank goodness! I've been waiting :-) Great to read you. Long email to follow one day soon, unless you save me with a skype call xx

Jule's Short Story said...

Yes, lets skype soon! I giggled at your moderation comments :)

TTFN xxxxx