Sunday, 12 January 2014

A nice weekend

A few jobs ticked off the list, new friends met and enjoyed. And the sun was shining. I joined my first Wellywalkers walk on Saturday, meeting some nice folks at the zoo and wandering over to Haughton Bay. A place I've never been and will revisit again, this time for a paddle in the sea. Not a swim, I'm not that hardy as it's right on the chilly waters of Cook Straight. Others were swimming, sunbathing mostly, enjoying this warm day.

The walk took us past the back of the zoo and we got to see the baboons at play as well as hear those animal noises one associates with zoos. I made some nice friends, one I was supposed to meet for the free outdoor concert across the road on Saturday night. There were so many people. After an unfruitful search, I ended up finding a small space and enjoying the crowd and the music. The atmosphere was wonderful, very friendly folks in small and large groups.

I'm off to the movies on Wednesday night to see The Book Thief with another group. A little worrying after the poor reviews. The Book Thief is one of my favorite books. It lives on my bookshelf and is always up for a re read. After reading some reviews, I may need to park that story and just enjoy the movie as a movie. We shall see.

My bike is now in one piece, sitting on partly inflated tyres waiting for the fluid to fill the cable so the back brakes work. I can't wait to have a roll around, just having it out of the bag and looking whole is fantastic. The friend who helped with the assembly took me down to the local yacht club and I signed up to crew. Seems that the Friday evening rum run is the one to go to, friendly cruiser racing then a social time after.

I do need to get some warm gear and replace my sailing shoes before I head down for a sail. Yesterday there were boats out, today it was way too windy. I had to zip up my hand bag because it was filling up with wind and almost pulling me over. Thought I was going to lose the lot. Yes, it really was that strong!

Here's some pics from the walk.

The ferry on it's way to Picton

Three wise Wellywalkers

Wandering on the easy path - the hills were a little more challenging


Di said...

Good to read of home. I keep laughing over your surprise about how friendly people are there. We are a friendly lot, aren't we? I miss it so much out here.

Sandy Millar said...

Very nice compositions!

Jule's Short Story said...

Thanks Sandy! Loving the colours here, how vibrant they are. The sea was gorgeous.

Lol Di, yes us friendly folks. Sometimes you have to leave to see what's good about your own place :)