Thursday, 30 January 2014

A good day

I have a bike! A bike that has brakes that work, very important; tyres that stay up, also very important; cables to change the gears that are actually changing the gears when I want them to, quite important; a chain that drives the whole thing without jumping off or making odd noises, also quite important. The thing my bike needs now is someone fit enough to ride in the Wellington hills. Like the one up to my house that I walked up today. In my defense, it's been a while and it was flat the last place I rode.

This weekend I'm looking forward to having a bit of a roll around and hopefully mastering that hill outside my window. I'm really enjoying living in Wellington. There's so much to do, even without a car. A quick wander takes me down to the waterfront, the fruit and vege market, Te Papa, cafes and restaurants and some interesting stalls in the underground market. Like the one I bought my interesting lamps at and the nice folks who sell marino baby clothes.

Best of all is the boats in the harbour, sail boats going out for a jaunt, canoes out for a paddle, working boats, cruise liners and ferries. Always something to see. The boat sheds that belong to the moorings outside the Port Nicholson Yacht Club are gorgeous. Well photographed although not by me as yet. If the weather is good on Saturday I'm heading out for a sail, my first since I've been here, my first for ages. I'm just a little excited to be crewing again and can't wait to get get back out on the water.

I had another one of those small world moments today, connected with sailing. The clothes shop on the ground floor of our building is a treat. Gorgeous clothes, two items of which are now in my wardrobe. The lady was really helpful, we got chatting. Somewhere along the way Cayman got mentioned, her daughter used to live there it seems. Do I know her and her husband? Why yes indeed! Nick sailed at a level that I can only dream about, an amazingly talented sailor who I was lucky enough to get some lessons from. We did also share the odd bag of chips with our beers after racing. I had even met her granddaughter. A small world indeed.

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