Saturday, 14 December 2013


So far a lazy Saturday, checking out what others are doing around the world, writing a few messages, sitting in the sun. Mostly sitting in the sun, enjoying this rare glimpse of real sun with heat in it, eating my toast. Smiling slightly at a day with nothing planned.

Well there is some planning done, the sound of the washing machine down the hall tells me it's almost time to hang out another load. Hanging out washing, a treat for this one who has been without a true washing line, an outside line, for a while. It was actually one of the prerequisites of my new place, one of the small things on the list that actually turned out to be bigger than expected. Balconies are not the same as hanging out washing on an outside line.

The line here is interesting. It's on a pully like the ones in Genova, it's low hanging over some riotous plants that have long stalks of sweet smelling flowers. At least I think it's those flowers that smell, I've not got that close yet and I'm not exactly a gardening genius. So hanging sheets out has posed a few issues. I don't mind the towels dragging a bit, the sheets are white. So this morning, feeling a little pleased with myself, I managed to hang them high enough and get them spread out enough to hopefully dry today.

It took a few goes, I'm sure the neighbours enjoyed the show. Wet white sheets draped over me then flung onto the line, folding king sized sheets to make them easier to fling. Oh, did I mention there's a fence to lean over and a small drop on the other side into some wilderness. The fence may be about as safe as the chair that collapsed under me, the only place I had to sit for a week or so.

And needing to get the sheets dry in a day as they're my only pair, that should be over by next weekend. Seven to 10 days they said, I'm keeping them to that. The last leg of the journey for my goods that have gone from the UAE to Cayman to Christchurch. There are some treasures I'm really looking forward to unpacking. i have places for some of them. The photos on the mantle of the not working gas fire in the living room. some of the other treasures on the hearth.

I now have a bed, not just a mattress on the floor but a proper bed. It's really comfy and the same height as the bedside cabinet I bought. A good fit. I also have a couch, a black leather couch that has a fold out bed and a storage place for those awkward to store things. It was one of two they could deliver the next week. It works and I've already sampled it for sleeping.

Suffice to say, I'm enjoying being in a proper house. A sun drenched house, north and east facing, with a view to the harbour. A glimpse rather than a view to soak up but that's okay. The view to the west is one of native bush, the east out over the city and the Botanic Gardens. Today's place for a wander.

There goes the jangle of the washing machine telling me it's finished. Outside time, I'll check out where that gorgeous smell is coming from. I wonder how they getting washing dry here?

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