Saturday, 14 December 2013


Two in one day. I must be inspired, more likely unmired. I decided to take myself off to the movies this evening. The Paramount is apparently the oldest theatre continuously running in Wellington. It showed the first talkie in NZ. So the lovely man who sold me my ticket told me while he was pouring my wine. It's a grand place, worth the short bus ride to get there. I'm getting the hang of the buses, the number 3 saves me walking back up the hill.

The movie that inspired me to go out and about was Inch'Allah. It was harrowing, shot like a documentary, the truth with a story woven around it. Compassionate, sad, the story of a time and place where there are two sides. On with might, one quelled and controlled. The value of life different for both sides. This movies touches on that, a little.

Having had a border crossing experience in that part of the world, having had experiences I could hang this movie on, people in it who look and sound like friends. A language I understand snippets of, made it much more than it might have been. I feel so incredibly sad for the people of Palestine, sad that their efforts at self determination are so crushed, that their fight for basic human rights ignored by those powerful enough to do something about it. It felt odd leaving the theatre and stepping out onto a Wellington street, a whole world away.

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