Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The next move

It's all coming together. I have my Mac back, fixed and with a much bigger hard drive and no lost data. Thanks to Service Plus in Christchurch. They really were service plus a lot more from the welcoming Michael to the fix it chappy John and the lovely young woman in Wellington who was a little late closing because of me. John phoned me a few time and he was so patient as he explained what was wrong, what he was doing to fix it and how much it would cost, much less than I thought actually. He answered my questions, he needed to be patient with them!

I have a new place to live, one where I can unpack my suitcases.  Signed the lease today. It's a lovely little two bedroom place right near the Botanic Gardens, close enough to walk to work as well. Briscoes had one of their magical sales yesterday and I managed to over fill a big trolley with all I needed. I saved a heap, when I did the add up of the discounts they were more than the cost of the goods. I smiled at the young man at the counter's face when he saw me coming. A bit deer in the headlights.

We chatted away as he rung up and packed, I didn't flinch at the bill, it was so much less than I had expected. Tomorrow I will get to unpack it all and make this place my own, I can't wait really. I did buy an air bed, a just in case air bed that won't be needed. Beds are us in Thorndon Quay are delivering my new bed tomorrow at lunch time, now that's service. They were lovely folks, very helpful as I made my quick purchase.

I'm amazed how easy things are to do here. I got my place, signed it up and still need to pay the bits required. I hooked up the power and Internet on the phone, after hours, and with very helpful customer service people. Things have really improved here, it was just so easy.

It's tiring this being back at work lark. I suspect my time off has set me into a different work ethic. A more relaxed way of being. The new job is interesting, learning the ropes and engaging in the culture of the place has been great.

Now the Mac is back I will load photos over the weekend and post some here. I may even be inspired to write more about my trip, hopefully basking in the sun in my new living room. Best I get on to buying that couch very soon. 

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