Saturday, 23 November 2013

On a good day

Wellington is outstanding. And today has been a fantastic day. Cooling off a bit now as I sit watching the light change over the harbour, over Eastbourne, over the city. I'm really lucky with my accommodation, seems to be a familiar theme so maybe it's not just luck. I'm staying in a lovely Airbnb home with Brenda. It's so handy to town and easy to find. I've been out and about today looking at apartments. Getting the lay of the land in this new city of mine.

I found where I'm starting work on Monday so that's a really good start. I'm surprised at how compact Wellington really is. There's a lot of apartments for rent or sale within walking distance of my work. A bit of a bonus as I don't want to have a car for now. In saying that, today's exploring would not have happened if I hadn't rented a car, a wise move for this week of searching.

I came back to Brenda's place for a break a bit after lunch and what could I see, a yacht race out on the harbour. Spinnakers flying and a gentle breeze. I did get photos, the view from the balcony was amazing. I'm very inspired to join the sail club here, a piece of exploration for when I'm a bit more settled. Brenda did comment that the sailors are all decked out in jackets and warm clothing so a bit different from tropical sailing. I'm sure I will cope.

Tomorrow I'm out looking again, the goal to get a place by Thursday. There are plenty to rent, if I buy that might be another story.

A small PS. I should be able to upload photos soon. My computer is currently getting a new hard drive, seems the old one had some damage and needed replacing. I'm so relieved, the cost to fix my lovely Mac is much less than I expected and they should be able to save the bits I didn't manage to back up. The technician has also promised to fix my Aperture photos programme and possibly rescue the photos I can only view and not save or print. Fingers crossed. Oh and best of all I should have it back next week. I'm really excited about that.

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