Saturday, 23 November 2013

Last day

It's my last official day of holidays today. It's off to Wellington this evening, my final leg and then it's work on Monday. A new city, a new job and hopefully a new place to live after the weekend. Finding an apartment has been interesting, not knowing Wellington that well doesn't  help. I have a few to view, including an awesome character home that's available until the end of February. A perfect start if it works out.

It was fun being reunited with my goods when I arrived. Boxes of treasures to explore and re-sort. Repacking for freighting to my new address when I have one. I now have two suitcases, my ridiculously large one and a smaller one so I hope I have all I need for the first few weeks in my new place.

Tim, Sarah, Noah and I went out for dinner last evening at Valentinos. I thought we were heading in the wrong direction but of course, Valentinos had had to move due. Earthquakes do tend to shift things around a bit and Christchurch has sure been shifted. It was a lovely meal and because of our young diner we arrived in time for happy hour. It's so lovely having a relaxed and easy time with Tim, Sarah and Noah, knowing that I'm only an hour's flight away so we can do this again anytime.

It's been so fantastic knowing that there's no long haul, multi airport journey to go on soon. Nice to know that this is not just a holiday, a short stop but a more permanent one where I'll get to see my lovely family, minus the jet lag, when ever I want. I will be able to attend those important milestones and celebrations that families have.

It's time and it feels good.

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