Thursday, 7 November 2013

Catching my breath

It seems I've got a bit of catching up to do here. Not having photos to publish takes away a little from my motivation to write. That and being extremely tired right now. Not jet lag tired, social life tired. Excitement tired, travel tired. It's a great tired actually, a relaxed tired. Into my fourth month of living out of a suitcase, I'm still so very much enjoying myself.

It's been fantastic catching up with friends along the way, stories I will return to write about. I've just left the lovely Sarah and her family in Perth. Her kids are gorgeous, the oldest I've met before and the youngest a new addition. What fun two and three year olds are! Energetic, full of talking and action. Sarah showed me around Perth, a place I'm impressed with. A life style place with beaches, a great climate and coffee. Yes, coffee and the food I've missed for a while.

Sadly I didn't get time with my cousin there. Maybe next time. Having an unreliable phone is a pain, my next one just might be a smarter one. So here I sit in Melbourne at Nick and Liberty's place. Winston the cat has come to join me, checking out the strange person in his house. Tomorrow I'm off to explore the city a bit, hopefully finding somewhere to get my hair back in order.

As we bumped along in turbulence above Melbourne, I counted the number of flights I've been on lately. Eighteen was the total so far with two more flights to go. Not a bad effort. That and various other modes of transport, public and private. All part of the fun of traveling.

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