Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I'm one of those people who say, she'll be right, we'll get there sometime. A little bit ma te wa, all in good time. When others raised their eyebrows a little about the trip Di and I are doing, I took that as approval, she'll be right. Maybe, perhaps, just in small, small part, it was a little ambitious in places.

This evening we sit in a small village, well I'm assuming its small because its very dark outside so I really can't say I've seen it as yet, on the side of Lake Como. Our Airbnb in Bellano is lovely, our host wonderful. We talked when we were a little on the lost side and she came to greet us as we arrived, leading us to a car park up a steep driveway, much like the one in Christchurch. I'm not the best when I'm hungry and Laura found us some cheese, pasta, tomato pasta sauce, bread and salad, just what I needed. We already had a bottle of red, as we do.

So a feast fit for kings, the Internet and a comfy apartment. All is well in my world. Oh, the rest of the day. Not content with being lost in Venice on my last trip there, Di (who had never been) and I wandered into the maze and headed for the Rialto bridge and San Marco. Along with many others it seems. The three or so cruise ships in the harbour should have given us an idea of what was to come.

The light was perfect for taking photos, a grey day with some drizzle and a glow that is difficult to describe. A quick glance at my photos on Di's computer showed some great shots. Some will follow after I get this loading them onto the iPad sorted. We did so well, making it to the sights without getting too pressured by the amount of people, then we hit San Marco's. It was packed with people on board walks above the water that was all over the piazza. It was difficult to see anything, walking to the gondola park on the other side was impossible so we set off back to the car.

We almost made it without getting lost, turned around in the maze that is Venice. Almost, but not quite. That was until the loveliest lady stopped to guide us, without us asking. Di and I are sure Auntie Lesley (mum) has been looking over us and that she just may have sent this lady of around the age she would have been now when we needed her. We were heading in the right direction, after a few miss turns, so we found the bus and our car easily after a quick espresso.Talk about exhausted and there was still almost 3 hours of driving ahead. And that was without getting lost in the tunnels.

All's well that ends well and it wouldn't be well if I wasn't sitting here in Bellano with a full puku and a cup of Earl Grey in hand. It's Di's and my last night together for a while and I know that I will miss this cousin of mine. It's usually a two year or so break between our contact, we may just have to make do with Skype and emails for a while. I will miss our adventures and mis adventures, we are the best of travel mates.

When one is stressed the other takes over, one of us can read maps the other takes care of the music, entertaining stories and the photography lessons. So it's Milan Malpensa tomorrow afternoon and then on to Antwerp and Athens from there, separate ways but not for too long I'm sure.

Hanging out in Venice

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