Thursday, 3 October 2013


Today was lovely in Rijeka, a nice sunny day spent wandering along the Korso, people watching and taking photos. Finding food was interesting. Last night we changed tables and bars/cafes without ordering looking for food until we found the Italian. We thought that was odd and today we discovered that most of the cafes along the Korso don't serve food, only drinks. The people watching must have been amused at the pantomime. 

Two tourists in this quite non touristy town seating themselves at a table, poring over the menu while having a big discussion that includes some hand waving then, glancing around to make sure they're not being observed, slipping away to the next place. Seriously, we did this so many times before we found out the secret. Only coffee, beer/wine/drinkies, cakes, dolce and gelato at the tables on the Korso. Food is in other places, including the best market, something we were a bit slow to learn. 

We also found out that from the generation of around 30 year olds and below, the kids here learn English from the 4th grade. That just might be why the wait staff, people on the street we asked for directions and our host speak such good English. It also adds just a little to my embarrassment. So most of those watching us table hop could understand our conversation? It seems so. Maybe I won't come back for a while, until they've forgotten the two crazy ladies with the funny English accents looking for food. 

We sat sunning ourselves in a small park and enjoying the grapes I bought at the market. The elderly lady on the stall tricked me into trying her grapes, actually it didn't too much tricking, and I ended up with a kilo of these sweet and juicy green grapes. I wanted a few, she made it up to a kilo, at only 2 euro a kilo that was okay with me. I got to enjoy them as I walked up the 500 steps to Trsat. That's another story for another day, for now here are some photos from the market. 

A colourful stall

And it's colourful owner

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