Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Well, here I am in Athens. I was last here in 2004 after a bus trip from Istanbul, although sleeping at the airport on a short stop over doesn't really count as a visit. So far so good, I made it from the airport to the apartment easily. And what an amazing apartment. The view from this rooftop is fantastic and photos must follow.

It was hard leaving Di, dropping her to check in in a rush without a proper goodbye. A bit stressful getting to the airport, the car checked in, complaining about the non GPS charging charger point, the excessive cost of them filling the tank with petrol when I was perfectly capable of doing so and all that check in go to the gate and through security stuff that goes with flying. All while towing my rather large bag.

All's well that ends well, we did get a proper goodbye at gate 26 before I headed for the Athens gate and just chilled for a bit. We had the best time, lots of adventures in our excessively long journey through five countries. Much of it was whistle stop, a checking out to see where we might like to spend more time. There were many highlights, the last our stay in the hills above Lake Como. a definite revisit. The journey a big part of the adventure. I love driving, Di was an excellent passenger as we negotiated our way.

The GPS running out of power just before we arrived, when the flag was in sight and final few streets to be negotiated, was interesting. It not working in tunnels last night caused some major stress and an extra long journey. Flying to Athens was a good idea, I'm not sure if I could have negotiated the traffic here without my co-pilot.

The flight here passed quickly, time spent chatting with a lovely Egyptian couple about Egypt and the  current and past troubles there as well as the religious politics out in the world. Two very well informed and well traveled people whose company was much appreciated. They were heading to Santorini then back to Europe. We plan to keep in touch, just in case I do actually get to Egypt one day.

I'm looking forward to some exploring tomorrow, if I can get myself off the roof terrace outside my door. I suspect it just might be sunny and warm tomorrow, something I'm looking forward to.

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